Positive, Rapid and Lasting Change!

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Welcome to the website for Steve Woods – Executive Hypnotist. Here you can learn more about how to Execute Positive, Rapid and Lasting Change with Hypnosis, Mindfulness, NLP and Coaching!

Mobile Service. Hypnosis in the comfort of you own home!

If you are stressed, stuck, or blocked, if you just want to make more of your life by removing fears, phobias or find your focus. You might even want to stop smoking or reduce your weight. All of this and more are available to you, here, NOW! And in MANY CASES over just TWO or THREE sessions.

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Remote Hypnosis

I offer the amazing change and transformation of Hypnosis remotely over Skype and Zoom as well as travelling to homes, companies, schools, hospices and even working with groups of Doctors and Consultants.

If you are unsure about Hypnosis and how it can help you can download a FREE Self Hypnosis MP3 and book a FREE Consultation either face to face in person or remotely, to experience Hypnosis and discuss your goals or issues.

The work I do involves helping groups and individuals make use of the many amazing changes Hypnosis can bring about. Often this is in support of existing medical intervention and business support strategies where appropriate. My main focus is on staff and employee wellbeing in particular with regards to work related stress.

I am fully insured, hold an enhanced DBS certificate and I am a Registered Hypnotist and Chinosis Coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts plus hold an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Steve Woods – Hypnotist and Director