The Week That Was in Hypnosis Video Blog – W/C 15th October 2018

Here is my video blog on the Hypnosis work last week. A number of people say to me things like “I didn’t know Hypnosis could be used for that” so this is an example of my week without disclosing any personal information of course.

If you would like to know more about how Hypnosis might be able to help you please contact me.

One comment on “The Week That Was in Hypnosis Video Blog – W/C 15th October 2018
  1. Kevin Grabham says:

    Steve came to visit me for 4 sessions back in july and I am still using his 10 minute daily session , I am no longer driving a lorry , but I’m now working in the transport office as a route planner with 40 vehicles to plan for , from small vans up to 44tn artics and dealing with annoyed customers because their delivery is later than expected can be stressful . Once upon a time with my depression and anxiety I wouldn’t have coped . But thanks to Steve I now know I have inside the belief in myself that I can and will do what I believe I can . Thank you Steve I owe you .Regards Kevin G

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