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Here you can read testimonials and reviews about Steve Woods – Hypnotist. Corporate wellbeing and individual clients leave 5 star reviews.

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Steve is fantastic at what he does!

5.0 rating
6th February 2020

I visited one of Steves workshops to get a feel for what he offers and I was very impressed with how quickly I felt relaxed and in my own zone. Would love to re visit and continue this focus in my own time too. Thanks again Steve.


Shanks ( Golfers Nightmare)

5.0 rating
10th September 2019

Every golfer will know that the shanks are the worse things you can get when playing. I am a reasonable golfer and got to single figures 3 Years ago. I then got the shanks which ruined my game and ended up 13 HCP. I managed to get back to 11 HCP but still had the shanks. I thought about packing the game up, then a friend suggest hypnosis.
I was given Steve’s contact details and booked 3 sessions with him. I was sceptical at first and not sure what to expect. After the 3 Sessions I can honestly say that my game as improved dramatically and I have started enjoying playing again. I still get the occasional shank but Work through it. Thanks Steve, well worth the money, hopefully things will continue to improve.


Focussed on the goal

5.0 rating
26th March 2020

Having a session with Steve enabled me to focus on the goal that I have set and remove the barriers that I had placed in the way of achieving it. Being able to visualise what it feels like once i have achieved it has enabled me to train the subconscious mind to start believing it is possible. Well done Steve


Increased relaxation, productivity, focus.

5.0 rating
22nd March 2020

I had an online session with Steve earlier this week. In a period of high stress & emotion, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to relax enough for the session to work. I needn’t have worried, as Steve worked his magic. I wanted to focus on clarity & stress relief in the session and it certainly delivered. Since the session, I’ve been able to get more done and feel more relaxed at work and in my personal life, despite being in the middle of a new business launch. Thank you Steve!


Even the most sceptical in the room left refreshed, energised and full of drive

5.0 rating
15th February 2020

Steve has a real talent for his craft. I was lucky enough to attend a group hypnosis session he ran recently and even the most sceptical in the room left refreshed, energised and full of drive. Do you have something you wish to change in life and find yourself getting in the way? Steve can help you remove those barriers and live life to the full.

A public Facebook comment received June 2019

“Ive never felt so relaxed before in my life without actually being asleep. I highly recommend trying it. It was also very informative in the way of techniques.”

‘Better Sleep’ session attendee.

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