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The British Medical Association (West Midlands) have been contracting me to run workshops for Doctors on their own wellbeing, in regards to reducing and managing stress. Here is what they have to say;
“Steve ran two very well facilitated and well received relaxation sessions for local Doctors as part of a ‘surviving workplace pressures’ workshop. Participants were open minded and engaged with the hypnosis technique and Steve artfully dispelled any initial fears held by the clinically minded audience. As well as making use of self-hypnosis for their own wellbeing, many of the Drs came away with the intention of also recommending the techniques to their patients and peers.”

Testimonial – The British Medical Association (PDF)


Moat Hall Primary School have been making use of Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques to help with stress reduction and general staff wellbeing and say;
“As part of our well being programme we employed Steve Woods to undertake some relaxation classes to the staff, Initially the staff chose whether they wanted to attend and in the first instance a small number of teachers attended, however as the course continued the numbers of teachers attending grew and the majority of our staff attended as they felt that it was really beneficial and most helpful.
Steve was thoroughly professional and had a very calming influence and demean-our. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to undertake work in order to benefit the well being of staff.”

Testimonial – Moat Hall Primary School (PDF)


Acorns Childrens Hospice in Walsall have been using group Hypnosis for staff wellbeing and stress release for some time now. We are just expanding that into support for parents and for the children supported by the Hospice. They say;
“Steve has done two initial sessions with Hospice staff, both extremely well received with reports of relaxation and stress relief. We look forward to Steve being more involved in the future and thank him for his support.”

Testimonial – Acorns Childrens Hospice (PDF)


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