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Steve is fantastic at what he does!

5.0 rating
6th February 2020

I visited one of Steves workshops to get a feel for what he offers and I was very impressed with how quickly I felt relaxed and in my own zone. Would love to re visit and continue this focus in my own time too. Thanks again Steve.


Shanks ( Golfers Nightmare)

5.0 rating
10th September 2019

Every golfer will know that the shanks are the worse things you can get when playing. I am a reasonable golfer and got to single figures 3 Years ago. I then got the shanks which ruined my game and ended up 13 HCP. I managed to get back to 11 HCP but still had the shanks. I thought about packing the game up, then a friend suggest hypnosis.
I was given Steve’s contact details and booked 3 sessions with him. I was sceptical at first and not sure what to expect. After the 3 Sessions I can honestly say that my game as improved dramatically and I have started enjoying playing again. I still get the occasional shank but Work through it. Thanks Steve, well worth the money, hopefully things will continue to improve.



5.0 rating
20th May 2020

Thank you Steve for virtually visiting our BNI group in Eastbourne and offering us a 10 minute free relation session. I personally found it brilliant – I was spinning (in a good way) at one point! The feedback from the group has been great – thank you for an interesting experience Steve 😉


Relief from severe anxiety and problems sleeping

5.0 rating
13th May 2020

Absolutely wonderful results from three sessions via Zoom with Steve.
I have suffered from anxiety & panic attacks for several years, however during this current Covid health crisis they had spiked & escalated to a severe level.In addition this caused me massive sleep problems, so I was in a pretty bad way, to the point we needed the Paramedics to be called out. With no real ongoing help coming from the Health Service, my husband knew of Steve & his Hypnosis practice, so we gave it a try.
I’ve never experienced hypnosis before, so didn’t quite know what to expect, however I can honestly say I felt results after our first Zoom session. At no point are you out of control of what’s happening & Steve is talking to you all the way through. You feel like it’s more of a deep relaxation class than a hypnosis, but the results are genuinely impressive.
After the first session I was given some great techniques for aiding sleep & they worked. To the point where I almost missed my third session because I overslept!. Steve also really helped with my anxiety levels, bringing them down to a very manageable level, with techniques & strategies to “re-train your brain” & help keep them down in the future too.
If someone had said to me that in just three weeks your current state of severe anxiety, panic attacks & sleep problems will virtually be gone, I would have laughed in their face,but that is genuinely what has happened. Three, one per week, one hour hypnosis sessions,backed up with some useful recordings & relaxation techniques, have dramatically changed it all.
I cannot thank Steve enough & would absolutely & thoroughly recommend his hypnosis sessions to anyone for any issues they may be having.


...and relax

5.0 rating
18th April 2020

I recently attended Steve’s ‘Anxiety and Stress Release’ course and was very impressed at how relaxed I felt both during and after the session. I have also found that I’m able to use some of the techniques from the session to help myself relax when required and have been more focused since. Thanks Steve!

A public Facebook comment received June 2019

“Ive never felt so relaxed before in my life without actually being asleep. I highly recommend trying it. It was also very informative in the way of techniques.”

‘Better Sleep’ session attendee.

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