Staff Wellbeing Sessions with HomeServe – Testimonial

Staff Wellbeing Sessions with HomeServe – Testimonial

During Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK in 2019 I visited four of the HomeServe offices around the Country. As well as providing one to one conversations and information about how Hypnosis can help with stress and mental health issues I also ran 15 minute group taster sessions. All the groups reported great results and the information from the survey is included below.


“Local hypnotist, Steve Woods, was invited to attend our mental health awareness week roadshows in May 2019, at HomeServe.

Steve supported our Occupational Health & Wellbeing team across five UK sites to raise awareness of how hypnosis can help with mental health issues.

He offered 15 minute taster sessions to over 70 of our People during the week and all were well received.

Our People really enjoyed the sessions and reported feeling more relaxed, in control and having improved sleep since participating.

A few days later, Steve followed up with a downloadable podcast so people could experience hypnosis at their leisure and within their own environments.

It was a pleasure to have Steve accompany us at our roadshows and we are very pleased with the response and feedback received.

We would be delighted to invite him back again in the future.

Thank you Steve.”

Survey results;

  • Average stress levels out of 10 (10 being the worst) – before sessions = 6 and after sessions = 3.
  • 19 out of 27 replies reported better sleep.
  • All 27 responded that they would recommend the sessions and attend again in the future.

Please contact me for more information about Hypnosis can be used to make amazing changes in the workplace. Steve Woods – Hypnotist

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