Play Better Golf

Play Better Golf

Hypnosis to Play Better Golf? Yes! Do you play OK and know what you should be doing but sometimes over think things? Do you suffer with ‘First Tee Nerves‘, The ‘Yips‘ or ‘Shanks‘? Have you lost the enjoyment of your game?

Are you one of the many that love the highs but hate the lows and struggle with the emotional roller coaster of frustration to be perfect? You only seem to be able to do it right once in a while, quite often when you are not trying?

If any of these things bother you and your enjoyment of the game then book a Hypnosis Strategy Call today.

Golf performance: These results support the hypothesis that an hypnotic intervention can improve golf-chipping performance and increase feelings and cognitions associated with flow.

Pates, J. (2000). Effects Of Hypnosis On Flow States And Golf Performance. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 91(7), 1057. doi:10.2466/pms.91.7.1057-1075

There is ever growing evidence around how Hypnosis helps with many sports and Golf is no exception. Just a shift in confidence makes a massive difference, add into that getting the fun back into your game and you will notice massive changes ahead of dealing with any specific issues.

I don’t teach you how to play golf. I am interested in people who have developed the skills and know what they should be doing but are held back by some block, or get angry and lose focus when something does go wrong in their game.

Play Better Golf

Generally the process is three sessions of around an hour and about a week apart, sometimes longer, depending on how often you play. These sessions are held online, anywhere in the world and are live and personal sessions unique to you.

You will notice changes after just the first session and session two and three address issues and reinforce your unique goals and targets.

Play Better Golf

If all this sounds like its of interest to you then lets have a chat. A 20 to 30 minute call will allow me to understand what you want to achieve and for me to explain more about how it works. We can then organise a strategy for us to work together.

Club Talk

I offer talks and demonstrations at Golf Clubs which include working with the group to help them with some game improvement as well as explaining how it all works and maybe even a few fun things to show the power of the mind.

Play Better Golf