Speaking about change (for 2020)!

Speaking about change (for 2020)!

This week I am speaking at an event for the third year. Its my January talk about New Year Resolutions and during the talk I run a short group session about focus and motivation and everyone will be working on something slightly different.

Also as part of that talk I work on seeing, feeling and loving the outcome which to me is what Hypnosis is all about.

I know you are probably fed up of hearing about ‘what are you going to change for 2020?’ and I will be lucky if you are still reading! Lets hope you are.

But the talk set me off thinking about how are you all doing with your planned change for 2020? If you need some help, why not book a call with me and we can have a chat. If I can give you some free advice and help I absolutely will.

I will also offer a single live online session, similar to my talk version, but unique to you at less than £100, saving you over £65 on the individual session rate.

So, book that call and lets see what we can do.

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