Creative Mindset. “Release Your Creative You” Self Hypnosis


How would you like to release your inner creativity, your passion, your real you? Release Your Creative You today.

In this powerful Self Hypnosis audio download you will do just that as you explore your inner mind to find your creative ideas and explore turning them into reality. Whether that is just for pleasure or if you want to to develop the business side of your creative craft or art.

Freedom from conscious thoughts allows your creativity to flow.

Each time you listen to this powerful Self Hypnosis recording the experience can be a little different and you can use it to grow and evolve ideas and projects each time.

  • Explore your inner creative mind for ideas.
  • See a clear view of those ideas.
  • Improve your enthusiasm for learning new skills and techniques (and make full use of what you already know).
  • What would you do if you could do anything with your craft or art?
  • Explore both business and fun creative thoughts for your craft and art in the future.
  • Bringing all of this together to create a whole new Creative Mindset.


This is a powerful Self Hypnosis recording. Please only listen when it is safe to close your eyes and you are able to relax.

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