Wedding Hypnosis

“Whenever I say ‘Wedding Hypnosis’ people often think about entertainment but that is not what this is about.

Think confidence in speech making, weight loss, inner beauty and even fear of flying removal and you are on track with what this is.”

Steve Woods – Hypnotist

Relaxed and Confident Wedding

Available anywhere in the world via the internet!

Imagine the father of the bride not enjoying his daughters most amazing day because he worried all day about his speech he had to deliver. The same could be said for the groom or best man.

Think about the bride who is struggling with her weight and spends far too much time worrying about the dress fitting and what will people think of how she looks.

How will it feel for those giving speeches to have the confidence to actually enjoy them, and the whole of the day, to deliver their speech with clarity and controlled emotions?

How will the bride feel to have reached her new shape, size and health before the dress fitting and be maintaining that shape and size every day in a natural, healthy and stress free way. That shape and size being so normal for her even after the wedding.

That same bride will also feel much better about the day once she allows her inner beauty to shine through and enjoys her wedding wearing her hypnotic smile, eyes, skin and inner serenity.

Honeymoon flights and a fear of flying? Don’t let that spoil the day or your honeymoon with confident flying hypnosis.

Each therapeutic and performance module can be selected as required for each of the members of the wedding families

“It was amazing to have the control over my emotions and the confidence to speak about my daughter in the loving and caring way I wanted to. Before the Hypnosis I could not even read the speech in my head with being overwhelmed and unable to continue”

Father of the bride
Relaxed and Confident Wedding

Modules include but are not limited to;

  • Confidence and Emotional Control for speech giving
  • Weight Loss (as long as time is available before the wedding)
  • Inner Beauty – feel good about yourself, smile and be happy
  • Fear of Flying Removal – don’t let that fear spoil your day or your honeymoon
  • Learn Self Hypnosis for a stress free day

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Weight Loss and Healthy Living Client

Weight Loss Client