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On the 4th January it is World Hypnotism Day and I will be releasing a series of videos around the myths about Hypnosis. Make sure you subscribe to get each video over the course of the week! See you on …

#myhypnosisworld Podcast – Episode 6 – World Hypnotism Day – Myths Read More »

I wanted to quickly share this video, really to test that I can post video to the podcast ahead of a series of videos due out later this week.

After a very long break I will be back in 2020 with lots of episodes planned and learning more about what to do and what not to do when networking. See you in 2020

As there has been a bit (lot) of a gap since the last episode I just wanted to wish everyone well for the end of 2019 and say I will be back with regular episodes in 2020. See you then.