Weight Release Hypnosis

I specialise in three individual areas but also work in all other Hypnotherapy subjects. If there is something not shown on the website please contact me and ask.

My specialist areas are Weight Release, Business Performance and Sport Performance. Group work is around Employee Well being and Stress Release.

Weight Release using Hypnosis with Steve Woods – Hypnotist

A very effective way to release the weight and improve your health and wellbeing. And to maintain that level.

This is one of my three specialist areas and I have used the techniques on myself to release 3 stone over 12 months.

I have also had several clients reverse the early stages of Type 2 Diabetes with the changes their mind has brought about to reach their new shape and size goal.

Hypnosis is an amazing way of changing the mindset about food, drink and exercise to bring about a steady but consistent change in body shape. Once you reach that new shape you keep it.

A structured approach to remove the blocks holding you back and to move forward with enthusiasm and an automated move towards the new shape..

A very much client goal focused strategy to realise your goals with the new body shape and size along with the energy and confidence it brings. No two sessions or clients are the same.

Available as an in person process or via Skype/Zoom anywhere in the World

If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact me and you might like to arrange a FREE 20 Minute Strategy Call to discuss more about the process and its success.