Hypnosis for the Workplace

Can Hypnosis really help in the workplace?

For several years I have been running successful regular group Stress Release sessions with the customer service staff of a large company. I also run similar groups with Acorns Childrens Hospice and Wolverhampton College amongst others.

Group Hypnosis Session



Stress is a major issue in many companies and with a requirement through Health and Safety to take measures to protect staff from undue stress, it is a really powerful area to make use of Hypnosis for change.

Regular group or individual sessions will not only lower the stress levels and make staff feel valued they will also learn some tools to use each day to help manage and control the stress in their lives.

Interested? I am quite happy to invest some time to allow your staff (and yourself) to experience this work and understand it better.


Health and Wellbeing

Another improvement when using regular Hypnosis and relaxation sessions is general wellbeing and health. Reduce the stress and provide people the tools to take control and this allows you to start to think about yourself and just simply feel better.


Focus and Motivation

You can also make use of Hypnosis in the workplace to help with focus and motivation, even being quite specific and maybe working with sales people on cold calling or handling rejection. Giving them the tools to cope day to day and be in control of their own destiny whilst being more productive along the way.

As always I am quite happy to invest some time in learning more about your business and demonstrating how you can make use of the techniques I employ to help your staff, you and your business. Contact me for more information.