Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

Children as young as 5 or 6 can be held back in life through a lack of confidence, anxiety, low self esteem and even depression. The pressures of life and school, passing exams and getting a job are greater now than they have ever been.

Even eating disorders are on the increase with children.

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to improve your child’s life and to give them some skills for all of life. I ALWAYS teach children and teenagers Self Hypnosis as this skill will stay with them forever. Suitable from around age 5 and up.

I will not write specifically about each subject area as I find that most issues are a combination of things. My sessions are very much driven by my clients and what they want and need to improve and change.

Mindset changes in children and youngsters are often rapid and always permanent. I work with individuals mostly but this process is very suitable for groups that share similar issues or better still want to focus on a positive outcome such as a sports team.

If you would like to know more please contact me and we can have a no-obligation chat. I provide home visits around the West Midlands along with remote work around the world using Zoom.