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Unsure about Hypnosis? Enjoy a FREE Consultation with Steve Woods – Hypnotist.

Some people worry about being Hypnotised. They believe they will be out of control, out of it, made to do anything…..

This could not be further from the truth. When Hypnotised, people are still aware, they still know their surroundings, they can even scratch their nose if it itches!

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Steve Woods – Hypnotist

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In order to help people better understand this I offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation/Assessment which allows us both to learn more about each other, make sure we can work together, make sure your issue is one we can deal with and just as importantly, you will experience a short Hypnosis session to learn and understand more about Hypnosis.

Your FREE 30 minute Consultation can be taken at home within around 20 miles of Cannock. However I may be able to travel further so please contact me.

I am quite happy if you wish to use this consultation to just talk about your issue and the offer of allowing yourself to experience some hypnosis is still there.

After your FREE 30 minute session you may decide to book one or more sessions to deal with your issue or either of us may decide its not the best course of action. There is no obligation at all.

In addition you can also download a FREE MP3 to help to introduce you to Self Hypnosis. A short session to bring about some great relaxation, try Hypnosis and get a great sleep afterwards. Some nice Stress Release!

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A recent Facebook Testimonial after just a 30 minute FREE Consultation – ‘Excellent service I felt relaxed and fully in control at all times Steve explained the process step by step. I fully recommend Steves professional service’.

Booking your complimentary assessment in your home can be done by contacting me. You can also book you FREE consultation to be held over Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world online. Please use the button below and if you need any further information please feel free to contact me.

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