Fear of Flying Spoiling Your Holiday?

Fear of Flying Spoiling Your Holiday?

Don’t let the fear of flying spoil your holiday. There is still time to deal with this before the UK school holidays start. JUST 2 WEEKS to be FREE from the FEAR.

Hypnosis is a very effective way to take control and remove your fear. You can look forward to your holiday and enjoy it while you are there free from the fear of the return flight.

Around 12% of people suffer from the fear of flying. Some are able to just put up with it, suffer before and during the holiday, or take medication, some are unable to travel at all.

I have capacity for just 5 NEW CLIENTS for fear of flying removal. Not only that but by taking the sessions remotely over the internet (which is very effective) will mean you get a VERY SPECIAL PRICE! And you don’t have to be local to me.

Only available for the next FIVE clients so contact me now to find out more.


Only five client sessions are available at a very special price!

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