Talks & Demonstrations

Looking for a speaker with a difference? I am available to speak at your club, group or networking event. The difference is that if we have 20 minutes or more available I can provide a ‘Try Hypnosis’ group session as part of the talk.

More details are below regarding what can be offered but I am open to discuss your specific requirements.


10 Minute Networking Talk

If only a 10 minute time slot is available it really only allows time to talk about Hypnosis, what it is and how it works to bring about some amazing changes in people’s lives.

Very interesting but if you can make 20 minutes available then you can include some ‘Try Hypnosis’ for the group as well (see below).


20 to 40 Minute Talk with Group ‘Try Hypnosis’

Again, this talk begins with information about what Hypnosis is and how it works to bring about the amazing changes we see in people. 

However, the group ‘Try Hypnosis’ allows the group to quite literally experience how it feels to be Hypnotised and enjoy a short period of relaxation or something more specific to the audience. Even this short session will leave the participants feeling relaxed and calm and at the same time recharged.

These talks get very good feedback with each member of the group experiencing a slightly different level of experience but all of those that decide to join in get some benefit and a better understanding of Hypnosis.

If members of the group don’t want to join in the ‘Try Hypnosis’ that is fine and that part of the talk is quite short (around 10 minutes) to ensure those not joining in are able to sit quietly.


Talk with Group Session

This is around 1 hour and includes a short talk about Hypnosis, what it is and how it works to bring about some amazing changes in people’s lives. If the group is a business networking group then I will also talk about how Hypnosis can be used in business.

Following the short talk there is a group session, usually based on Stress Release and/or relaxation but this can be fine tuned to the groups requirements. As an example, if I am attending a group that meets for a specific purpose the subject of the group hypnosis may revolve around their interest.

The group session can best be described as;
“Allow yourself to release the stress in your life and be taken on a journey to a wonderful place. In that place you can relax and take time to allow yourself to soak up the natural healing energy around you. Minutes in this place seem like hours or even days and whatever level of relaxation you reach you will leave the session feeling energised, refreshed and free from stress.”

You might also be interested in the Group Hypnosis page of the site.

If you would like any further information or have a specific interest in a speaker for your group or club please do not hesitate to contact me.