Education Hypnosis with Steve Woods – Hypnotist

Hypnosis for Educational Establishments

Hypnosis is a very effective way of helping staff and carers cope with stress and anxiety in general or more specific stress related issues. It can also greatly help with health issues. These can be groups or more focused one to one sessions.

Students can also benefit from stress and anxiety release, confidence, focus, memory improvement, exam nerves reduction and health and healing. Again in groups or focused individual sessions. It is particularly effective with students over the age of 12 but there are suitable techniques for younger children also.

I hold a current Enhanced DBS check covering both adults and children.

It is not only the sessions themselves that provide benefit but I will also teach people some tools to continue to ‘self care’ in between sessions.


Group Stress Release Sessions

Stress impacts us in many ways. It’s not always the amount of stress its more often about how long you have been holding onto it. The impacts can be poor health, short temper, relationship issues, difficulty with focusing and actually doing your job. The impact on the organisation can be costly both financially and with staff morale.

Along with the above the general noise created in the mind by constant stress results in even more stress!

Photograph of a group stress release hypnosis session
Stress Release Group Hypnosis Session

There is no doubt, particularly in the current economic climate of teaching, that stress is an everyday issue and is frequently causing staff illness and additional economic strain on the school or college. This in turn creates even more stress.

Group Stress Release Sessions are a very effective method of taking control and allowing your staff just to shut down for a time. With sessions of around 40 minutes the impact on the day is very little for a massive return in staff wellbeing, mood and ultimately reduced staff illness costs.

The sessions can be timed to fit in with your day. After school, before school or even lunchtime. They are also perfect for those staff training days!

The results are seen immediately and feedback from the first school making use of the group sessions is very positive. You can read a PDF file of recent testimonial here – Testimonial – Moat Hall Primary School


Individual Sessions

As well as the group sessions for Stress Release and Relaxation it is also possible to offer your staff individual attention. Provided a room can be made available longer one to one sessions can be held throughout the day/evening as required and could be combined with one or more group sessions during the day.
If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Steve is quite happy to visit and discuss any requirements you may have and can be contacted directly on 07828 971 058.