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Mindfulness for Calm and Wellbeing FREE Webinar – May 2019

Each month I run a webinar of mindfulness and use relaxation and Hypnosis techniques to allow all attendees to enjoy the session. This is the replay. Only listen and watch if it is safe for you to do so. Only

FREE – Learn Self Hypnosis Offer

Book your Hypnosis Session Package this week and you will receive an extra 30 minutes on the first session to learn Self Hypnosis for FREE. Self Hypnosis is a very useful and powerful skill and once you know it, its

The Week That Was in Hypnosis Video Blog – W/C 15th October 2018

Here is my video blog on the Hypnosis work last week. A number of people say to me things like “I didn’t know Hypnosis could be used for that” so this is an example of my week without disclosing any

Weight Loss Blog – General Update

My weight loss journey continues and now I am down to 78.4Kg from 96Kg at the start of the year. In fairness this feels about right and I am maintaining it nicely. I know I need to increase my fitness

Vote for the next FREE Experiential Self Hypnosis MP3

Photograph of Hypnotist Watch

Every few weeks I produce a new FREE Self Hypnosis Download for an experience. There have been holidays and a hot air balloon ride so far. As I prepare for the next one please take a moment to suggest your