Business Performance and Confidence Case Study

Business Performance and Confidence Case Study

Usually I would think about writing a case study after the client has completed all of their sessions with me. This week, however, it’s a little different. Different because I’m working with two clients on very similar issues and both are experiencing dramatic positive changes after their first session working on Business Performance and Confidence.

Client A came to me after finding they had a block around making telephone calls; even warm referrals and follow up calls were being delayed. They also had an issue with networking confidence and would struggle to stand up and do their 60 second pitch; getting out of breath and feeling the nerves rising, losing focus and often sitting down early.

Client B had been distracted by another business opportunity and had lost sight of their original and successful business. When the distraction came to nothing they turned back to their original business only to realise they had no clients left. They then discovered, for some reason, that they could not reengage again. As a result they couldn’t get out of bed and like client A could not make the calls they needed too. Their get up and go had got up and gone!

Both clients had the feeling that their get up and go had got up and gone!

In both cases their subconscious mind was protecting them in some way. It only takes a small association with a fear, a feeling or an emotion and that can be enough to switch the mind into protection mode – fight, flight or freeze. In this state, clear and logical thought goes out of the window and everything starts to seem too hard and unachievable. We run away from and hide.

Even though our logical mind knows what we should do, our automatic and protective mind takes over and can destroy our good intentions with imagined fear. Thus, having a terrible impact on business performance and confidence.

A common feeling for both clients was a lack of control and that is where we start. Just by making the commitment to do the work, and booking a hypnosis session, they’re already taking back control; we can then start the real work.

Both clients learned some Self Hypnosis to reinforce the control aspect and to help them get clarity. We then worked on the other emotion the subconscious mind works with, pleasure. Your subconscious mind is only interested in protecting you or finding pleasure. It’s that simple. The most difficult part is accessing the subconscious mind..

Once we have hypnosis the doubting conscious is out of the way and we can work on the ‘why’ with the subconscious mind. In this case it’s turning a business around and making money, but more than that it’s what success means looks like to them. Both clients first clarified what success looked like to them, and what it would mean to them to attain this success; not only in their business but in other areas of their lives too. Then we examine more detail around the ‘how’. But in most cases we already know the ‘how’ (how to run their business), I don’t need to teach them that.

Both clients reported feeling more positive and confident about their future – able to think more clearly, plan and execute.

After just one session both clients noticed significant changes. Both were reengaged with clients and making the calls and doing the following up that was required. Client A even had the confidence to start cold calling. Client A also noticed a change in their networking approach, even though we had not specifically worked on it yet . We have since anchored some positive confidence around this area and they’re getting great results.

Client B had gone from zero to two clients in the space of the first week. They described the feeling as going from 20% to 60% increased performance in just 7 days. Brilliant!

I feel I went from working at 20% to 60% increased performance in just 7 days

Both clients reported feeling more positive about the future and able to think more clearly, plan and execute; and we will be building on that moving forward to get them as near 100% performance as they can be. To be the best version of themselves.

Business Performance and Confidence Case Study
Both clients in the case study reported improved focus

If any of this sounds familiar to you then let’s have a chat. It costs nothing to book a call and often just that conversation will start to change your mindset.

Business Performance and Confidence Case Study

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