FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions about Hypnosis and being Hypnotised. Here I will answer the most common ones. If you need to know more please contact me.

Q. Will I cluck like a chicken?

A. Not unless you want to, but why would you want to? Seriously though, even when a client is deeply in Hypnosis, they cannot be made to do something they would not normally do. You are always aware and your conscious beliefs are always in place.

Q. Can anyone be Hypnotised?

A. I believe yes. There are some training courses that suggest only ‘certain’ types of people can be hypnotised but my own experience is that anyone can be, but some people take longer than others to be hypnotised.

I will take time when working with a client to make sure they KNOW they have been Hypnotised as this is very important.

It should also be remembered that there some types of people that Hypnosis is not very suitable for such as people with a split personality. A Stage Hypnotist is not allowed to work with people with Epilepsy or who are Pregnant (although for therapy, Hypnosis is very good for both).

Q. How does it feel to be Hypnotised?

Q. How will I be Hypnotised?

Q. How many sessions will I need?

Q. How often are the sessions?